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09 Mar 2020 03:00 pm - 10 May 2020 06:00 pm
Prize Pool
  • PS 4

Online FIFA Tournament

Entry Fees: 150 INR
Prize Pool: 1800 INR (For Top 3 Players)
1st: 1000 | 2nd: 500 | 3rd: 300

9-10 May, 2020 | 3 PM Onwards


Group Stages _ PlayOffs
Group Stages: Single Round Robin (Each player plays against all the opponents in their group once)
Top 2 Players advance to PlayOffs
PlayOffs: Single Elimination
A win gets you 3 points, draw 1 point and loss 0 point.
Game Settings:

1. Game Type: Online Friendlies
2. Half Length: 6 minutes
3. Controls: Any
4. Squad type: Online
5. Game Speed: Normal
6. Tactics and Formations: Allowed

1. Legacy Defending
2. No Warm up matches
3. Abusive languages
4. Custom teams like Classic XI, World XI.
5. Snowing, Rainy weather
6. No Guests.
Finding Opponents:

1. Find your respective opponent’s PSN ID from the fixtures.
2. Add as friend
3. Go to Online Friendlies.
4. Select New Friendly Season.
5. Select opponent’s PSN ID
6. Invite.
7. Make sure the game settings is same as mentioned above.
Connection Issues:

1. We understand, in India we gamers face one problem that is poor internet connection. If both the players can connect with each other, then the game has to be played, as there are no options left. So we suggest getting a good internet connection before participating in any of our Online Tournaments/Leagues.
2. If there is a disconnection, then both the players must play a new match and finish the remaining time of the match and the scores will be the sum of both the matches.
3. If a player disconnects deliberately due to a penalty, free kick, and/or red card, then that player will forfeit the match.
4. Players must report within 10 min (Game Time), if there is some issue with connection or game play or else the match will be continued till end, irrespective of connectivity issues.
Players cannot connect to each other:

1. We suggest getting a good internet connection before participating in any of our Online Tournaments/Leagues (please avoid mobile hot spots).
2. If both the players cannot connect with each other, then restart router, console, game and try again. If the problem persists, wait for the next match in group stages.
3. However if it happens in PlayOffs or KnockOuts, then both the players' overall performance in the tournament will be taken into account.
4. If a player cannot connect with any of the opponents, then the player will be disqualified from the tournament, so make sure u get a stable internet connection, before participating.

1. We take match disputes very seriously and want to deliver the best possible experience for all our players.
2. If a Player claims that his / her opponent has broken a rule in a match, evidence is required or the dispute claim will most likely not be considered valid.
3. To avoid disputes, both the players must record the matches, and take snapshot of the matches (goals scored). The screenshot or video must show the results of the match along with the teams and PSN ID of both the players (e.g., 2-1).
4. Contact support as soon as you can | WhatsApp: 8328865836


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